We are very proud of the titles of our entire family tree , as well as the achievements of our children...

beautiful and intelligent parents give birth to wonderful children. You will get almost a family member to be proud of for many years to come! And your life will be filled with even more love and beauty!

Puppy Maremma-abrucci shepherd from elite parents. Excellent pedigree. Very promising, future Champions, for the family and for the soul! The Maremma is a very beautiful, but still quite rare breed in our country. The dog was imported from Italy, where it was formed over 2000 years. It is distinguished by excellent health, adequate psyche, loyalty to the owner and intelligence. Maremma calmly and patiently to children, dogs and other Pets. Excellent security guards. Wool is self-cleaning and odorless! If you want a shepherd is a trusted guardian and companion with a great mind, then contact us, we'll give You a puppy

Our first production:

Gorgeous Ayman is the most decorated male: Junior champion of Russia; Best male Junior Gold Collar; 2-x champion of Russia, RKF, champion and Grand champion of Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Montenegro, Cyprus, Balkan countries, Romania, Lithuania, Ukraine, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina; 5-time champion of Eurasia; Interchampion, champion of Breed-Golden Collar 2012, Vice-champion of Europe, prize-winner of the World Cup.

Violetta white beauty, recognized as the Best Bitch at the monopred exhibition in 2013, champion of The national Breed Club, champion and Grand champion of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, RKF champion, champion of Eurasia.

Anima Ardente - champion of Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro



RING DRIVE (Ayman & Violetta White Beauty ). ЧЕМПИОН МИРА!!!

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WORLD CHAMPION IN 2016!!! Breed champion-2016, Junior club champion, Junior champion of Russia,

Champion of Russia,champion of RKF, champion of NKP, Grand champion of Russia, champion of Ukraine.

SILVER HAUS LILIT ( Айман & Анима Арденте)-Победитель Bundessiger 2016

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Interchampion (FCI), Bundessiger 2016,

  2x winner of Eurasia 2018, champion of Russia, Belarus, champion of Latvia, champion of the NCP, Grand champion of Russia, Junior champion of Russia, Belarus.


SILVER HAUS LYUCHIN ( Айман & Анима Арденте)- наш победитель на Crufts 2018. Best of breed.

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 Winner Cruft 2018, 2020!!!

Champion Of Russia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Montenegro


SILVER HAUS MARYANO ( Айман & Анима Арденте)

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Junior European Champion,

Junior champion of Russia, Czech Republic,

Best male Junior at the prestigious exhibition "Golden collar",

champion of Russia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Lithuania. National club champion, Grand champion of Russia!

FEDERICO (Ayman x Violetta White Beauty)

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At the age of 18 months, he earned the titles: Junior champion of Russia, RKF champion, Russian champion!

in 2018, he closed the title of NCP Champion. Grand Champion Of Russia.

ROSA WHITE (Ayman & Violetta White Beauty)

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Junior champion of Russia, champion of Russia, NCP champion, Grand champion of Russia.

At the prestigious monopred exhibition, judged by the expert breeder Gianni Vallo (Italy)-BOS!!!

in the catalog of more than 50 maremms. Rose was already a mom twice at that time! This is excellent)))

REGINA BEAUTY (Ayman & Violetta White Beauty)

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champion of Russia. Junior champion of Russia, Junior champion of the RKF-closed the titles in two exhibition days!!!

SILVER HAUS MARKUS (Айман & Анима Арденте)

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Junior champion of Russia, Junior club champion, champion of Russia, 2x champion of national club, Grand champion of Russia


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At the age of 1, she closed the titles: Junior Champion Of Eurasia,

Junior champion of Russia, Junior champion of the RKF.

Going into the adult class at specialty show three exhibitions in a row - Winner Club , has closed a title club champion

In the nomination TOP DOG OF 2019 - 2nd place!

FIONA ( Ayman & Violetta White Beaute)

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Fiona, in her 1 year, took third place in the ranking of Junior world Champions.

junior Russian champion. champion of Russia

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